Get Action From E-Learning Users

August 9th, 2016 by Claire Archibald
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Thrill, Inspire, Awaken the users of your eLearning system. Association secrets revealed!

Are your members motivated to use your eStore or eLearning system solely to get their mandatory course credits?

Associations usually provide online services to their members and the public in the form of registering for events, conferences, meetings, exams and (sometimes) on-demand or livestream videos. After they register, users fail to engage in further interaction, until something significant happens.

What is the best way to motivate your users to stay on your website? Here are some tried-and-true ideas that AIT has seen work firsthand:

Provide Exciting Incentives

  • Volume Discounts: Buy two or more continuing professional education (CPE) sessions, events, tickets to an annual conference or exam products, and get deeper discounts
  • Email blasts containing Coupon Codes
  • Online Surveys with Prizes
  • Member Rewards if they sign up additional members or promote your event on Social Media.

Broaden Your Network and Display Visual Feedback

  • Social Media: The all-important promotional tool; link your events directly to social media
  • Discussion Forums: Public and member forums to discuss hot association topics
  • Blog Posts And Feedback: Post staff or user-submitted articles and promote positive feedback
  • eStore Event and Product Ratings: Let your users rate your event or product with stars and garner feedback.

Provide a Motivating Reason

Your website users should be there because they want to be, not only with the intentions of gaining certification, passing an exam or finishing CPE hours.

  • Provide On-Demand Videos or Livestreaming: Engage your users with need-to-know, relevant, call-to-action events
  • Free Interactive Workshops: In-house or livestreamed, everyone wants to hear important information and have the ability to network
  • Knowledge-Sharing: Provide collaboration websites with document sharing that can tie back into your LMS and eStore.

Like I said earlier, the AIT team has seen these tips succeed.  Try them out with your eStore or LMS, and I can guarantee you’ll be happy you did.

Check out our Aura eStore, our eLearning system, to help engage your users today!

Claire Archibald

Project Manager at Aura Innovative Technology, Inc.