Webinars vs Learning Management Systems

August 18th, 2016 by Tiffany Caliendo
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Is your association debating on whether or not to invest in an LMS or simply continue offering webinars to your members?

When an organization commits to an LMS, they are investing in the future of their e-learning offerings, technology, and benefits to their members. In contrast, webinars are a great, low-risk way to offer online learning.  However, what is available is very limited, learners cannot search through catalogs to find relevant topics, and can only view topics as they arise. An LMS can manage a large catalog of classes, regardless of the format (i.e. SCORM, live webinars, On-Demand, micro-learning, etc.), which gives learners the freedom of choosing what information best fits their needs.

As an association, you are in the business of serving and providing additional value to your members.  By giving your members the opportunity to easily search courses by relevant content, manage all credits and badges, transcripts, online course registration, etc, your organization can provide additional value to your members, which can result in growing membership and a significant increase in revenue!

Tiffany Caliendo

Account Executive at Aura Innovative Technology, Inc.